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Welcome to Humble Pig. I am Jeremy Cox. There is another Jeremy Cox who is a graphic designer. He's incredible. I do alright but make no mistake he is not me nor I him. With that out of the way on to the rest of the welcome.

I have been doing advertising design and graphic design for about 14 years. In the 14 years since I started many things have changed as most of you know. It's an exciting field of which to be a part. Among the pages on this site is my portfolio. It contains many of the designs from the last 14 years.

Some of you are probably wondering, "Why Humble Pig?" Well I'll tell you. I have a great love for web design and the standards that go along with it. If you're familiar with Charlotte's Web by E.B. White, you may be aware that Charlotte was a spider and Wilbur was her pig friend. Charlotte wrote 3 things in her web about Wilbur... "Radiant," "Some Pig," and "Humble." It may be a long way to go for a domain name or the name of a design company but I like hidden meaning in things. Just like the right-arrow in the Fed Ex Logo. Go ahead look. It's the negative space between the E and X. Now that you've seen the arrow you won't forget it. And I hope now that you know the meaning behind "Humble Pig" you won't forget me either.

I am available for freelance work. I can do just about anything. So if you are interested in talking to me about a job or some work you would like done check out my contact information here. My style is mostly clean, accessible and well thought out. And most of all functional. I don't care what the piece looks like but if it doesn't work, then its not communicating and that's why you hired me.

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This area will contain occasional musings on graphic design, web design, teaching or what ever I feel like writing about. I guess it may be considered a Web Blog. Or as the kids are calling it today, "Blog".

If you're still reading I have to ask you, "Why?" Go on. Look at the rest of the site.