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Publication Covers

During my stint at The Morehead News I had the opportunity to create the Lifestyles section every week. This was an entertainment part of the newspaper. There were a couple challenges that came with this privilege. I was the only one doing the covers and I wanted them to look completely different each week. I knew it would be easy to fall into a rut and design each one the same.

The second challenge is that I had to rely on the reporters to give me the pictures and other images. So sometimes I would go take my own pictures, sometimes I would have to create something from nothing and sometimes I had to the best with what they gave me. It was fun none the less. I did an entire year of covers but here are some of my favorites.

In addition to the Lifestyles covers there are few other covers in the mix.

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Thumbnails of Publications Covers
Thumbnail of Cover 1 Thumbnail of Cover 2 Thumbnail of Cover 3 Thumbnail of Cover 4 Thumbnail of Cover 5
Thumbnail of Cover 6 Thumbnail of Cover 7 Thumbnail of Cover 8 Thumbnail of Cover 9 Thumbnail of Cover 10