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Web Design

I started doing web design 8 or 9 years ago. I started by tackling the campus newspapers website in college. I started from square one in GoLive. Each page was done by hand. Each story had its own page that had to be done individually. It took many hours. Since it was hard to convince people to help me with this painful task something had to be done. Necessity is the mother of invention. Or in this case innovation or at the very least new technology. I finally learned how to use tables to control the layout not knowing that I was committing a sin but at the time browser support for CSS was limited. Even with the new layout techniques it still took many hours to put together a week's site. Enter PHP. Another step in my learning process. I had to wade my way through the php and MySQL but finally I but together a web site where the editors could upload their own stories to a database and the pages would be served. I provided the occasional support.

A few years ago I set out to create another web site which was completely database driven. Before I started at it I picked up a copy of Dreamweaver to learn the industry standard software. I also decided that I would do this site per web standards so I had to learn CSS and XHTML the right way. Three months later I had the site ready to go but I was never happy with the design so the site is still in production.

Below are some of my Web Designs. Usability, accessibility and web standards compliance is my major goal when I design web sites. So hopefully this is evident in this site as well as the other seen here. Many of the sites have been taken down or simply not maintained. So working examples reside only on my computer. So enjoy some screen captures of the sites I had the chance to design.

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Thumbnails of Web Design
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